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Gloria, later to be known as The Bride of Re-Animator, is the main antagonist in Bride of Re-Animator.


Gloria was diagnosed with an unknown terminal illness and was sent at the Miskatonic University Hospital and was visited by Dr. Daniel Cain.


West dan gloria

Gloria dead from her illness

When Dan and Dr. Herbert West return, Gloria dies from her terminal illness.

Reanimation and Reanimated Death[]

Kathleen Kinmont (3)

The Bride of Reanimator falling aprt

She is crafted using various parts of human bodies, including the heart of Megan Halsey. Herbert West attempts to create a bride for Dan Cain, but when Dan resorts to his current girlfriend and says that he doesn't love The Bride, the Bride suffers a severe case of "tissue rejection", causing her to literally fall to pieces when she pulls her heart out.

The Golden Chainsaw

James gave her re-animated death the Golden Chainsaw award because it's the most gruesome death out of every other one in the movie.