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THEY TALK! Is a series made by Zoran Gvojic showing what Masked Killers are really saying.

Season One (2021)[]

Episode (Season 1) Voice Actor: Season 1 Plot: Season 1 Date: Season 1
Friday the 13th Part III | THEY TALK! Zoran Gvojic as Jason "Jason Voorhees leaves a trail of bodies in his wake as he tries to finally lose his virginity" 6/2/2021
Scream | THEY TALK! James A. Janisse as Ghostface

Zoran Gvojic as Delivery Dude, Ernie Dude, Party Dude, Karaoke Dude

Ted Evans as Skeet Ulrich

Megan Gorman as Stunt Ghostface

"Ghostface is hired by Rotten Tomatoes to kill actors whose Rotten Scores outweigh their fresh ratings. " 6/9/2021
Predator | THEY TALK! Zoran Gvojic as Predator, Senator Connors

Megan Gorman as Not Kesha, Stunt Predator

Jordan Good as Not Leonard Cohen

"The Predator heads to Earth for one last bachelor party blow out!" 6/16/2021 (Copyright)

6/18/2021 (Copyright Resolved)

6/19/2021 (Video Privated)

6/30/2021 (Official Release)

Happy Death Day | THEY TALK! Chelsea Rebecca as Babyface

Zoran Gvojic as Vince Yawn, Disclaimer Dude, Occasional Stunt Babyface

Megan Gorman as Not Hayley Williams, Main Stunt Babyface

Jordan Good as Not Sonny Bono

"Babyface must escape a murder pun loop. Babyface must escape a... wait a minute..." 7/7/2021
Halloween | THEY TALK! Zoran Gvojic as Michael Myers, Radio Dude, Principal Castle, and Stunt Michael.

Lee Russell as Unhealthy Doug

Megan Gorman as Prom Dance Singer and Stunt Disco Michael

Jordan Good as Not Steven Tyler

"In this episode Michael tries to go to the Prom with a girl that’s TOTALLY NOT his sister…" 7/14/2021