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Stu Macher is the secondary antagonist in the film Scream and is played by Matthew Lillard.

He murdered many victims such as Maureen Prescott (along with Billy Loomis), Steve Orth and Kenny Jones.

He was killed by Sidney Prescott when she electrocuted him with a tv.

Of all the unique kills Stu's death wasn't given the Golden Chainsaw, and neither was Tatum Riley's death and so the Golden Chainsaw was given to Casey Becker.

Stu Electrocuted.jpg

An original idea for Scream 3 had Stu as the main antagonist, surviving his apparent death and orchestrating a new series of murders from prison on high school students and Sidney. However, due to the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, this idea was scrapped and the setting was changed to Hollywood, California so there would be no association with high school and the film could be a bit campier.


Steve Orth

Casey Becker

Kenny Jones