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John Tate is the deuteragonist of Halloween H20. He is the son of Laurie Strode, the nephew of Judith and Michael Myers. John shares a tense relationship with Laurie who is extremely overprotective of him due to the trauma she suffered on Halloween 1978 though John tries assuring her that Michael is dead as he would have been back by now.

John, his girlfriend Molly Cartwell, his friends Charlie Deveraux and Sarah Wainthrope are attacked by Michael while having their own Halloween party in the school basement. In the final act of the film, Laurie forces Molly and John to leave the school for their own safety while she stays behind to fight Michael it is unknown what happenad to John after that.

John only appears in a photograph during Halloween: Resurrection and his existence is retconned with Halloween 2018. John also does not share a relationship with Jamie Lloyd, Laurie's daughter, as she only exists in the 4-6 timeline though in Kevin William's original treatment for Halloween H20, 4-6 were still canon.